5. Branching Garden

Branching garden paths, modeled after a leaf. The pattern of a leaf’s veins is a space-conserving way to deliver nutrients to the leaf cells without sacrificing precious light-gathering surface.

We can use the same pattern for a garden’s paths, which minimizes the growing area lost to our pounding feet.

“By recognizing that plants and the other elements of a garden can serve many purposes, we can create richly connected, productive landscapes that relieve the gardener of many tasks that nature will gladly do. Why make compost when you can have plants that build their own soil? Why weed when a living mulch will smother any unwanted invaders? It may take a little work to design and install a well working ecological garden, and there may be some trial-and-error before all the pieces fit perfectly, but in the long run, understanding that in nature “nothing does only one thing” will result in lively, dynamic landscapes.” Tody Hemenway – Gaia’s Garden.


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